From May 18 to 23, 2023, three park rangers participated in a workshop in Panama City, with the purpose of obtaining the international license for captains in international waters. This support from FAICO is part of the park rangers’ Quality of Life Program and to build their capacities in the face of the challenges of the administration, monitoring, control, and surveillance of Cocos Island National Park and the Bicentennial Marine Management Area.

The course includes basic first aid, personal survival techniques, and fire prevention and firefighting, focusing on personal safety and social responsibility.  Additionally, park rangers received specialized training as captains of yachts or vessels.

By obtaining their yacht and vessel captain license, these park rangers now have additional skills to carry out their work in the largest Marine Conservation Area in the country and in Central America. These tools strengthen their leadership capacities in supervising and monitoring activities in the marine protected area, guaranteeing its conservation and preserving its natural beauty for future generations.

FAICO reaffirms its commitment to continue supporting the strengthening of human talent in the Cocos Marine Conservation Area, this way guaranteeing and promoting work in close collaboration with park rangers for the protection and preservation of this unique ecosystem.

This activity was made possible with the support of the Blue Action Fund.

Blue Action Fund