• The challenge is for 500 thousand people to live the experience of being on Cocos Island.
  • 9 virtual reality stations on the Island will be available in Multiplaza Escazú from February 13 to March 31.

San José, February 13, 2019.

The Smart Rabbit company created a campaign to bring Cocos Island to the continent, in partnership with the Cocos Marine Conservation Area (ACMC) and Friends of Cocos Island Foundation (Faico), so that at least 500 thousand people can live the experience of knowing about this National Park.

Cocos Island is a Natural World Heritage Site and one of the greatest treasures that we have in Costa Rica; however, the population knows very little about it. Of the approximately 3,500 people who visit it every year, only around 140 are Costa Ricans.

This is one of the reasons why Smart Rabbit, with the support of the ACMC, Faico, and other institutions launched the #miisladelcoco campaign.

The objective of this campaign is that the majority of the population gets to know Cocos Island through an immersive experience, where thanks to virtual reality technology, they can live and feel the experience of being on this site and enjoying its natural beauty without having to travel 532 kilometers.

“If in 20 years our children can knowledgeably speak about Cocos Island, its historical and environmental value, its giant manta rays, the Bridal Veil, our shark friends, the evil pirates, the teachings of our rangers, and if they remember #miisladelcoco as a relevant and positive event in their lives, this project can be considered a success,” said Édgar Gálvez, CEO of Smart Rabbit.

“Thanks to Cocos Island, 92% of Costa Rican territory is comprised by sea. The Island protects our biodiversity, has important fishing species, and is a tourism and research site. This initiative allows us to get closer to the enormous wealth of our seas without having to travel 500 km, and it lets us understand the importance of protecting it for us and for future generations,” said Ms. Haydée Rodríguez, Vice Minister of Water and Seas.

The Island is an exceptional place that all people should visit sometime in their life. However, factors such as distance mean that few Costa Ricans go there. For Faico, it is very important to promote this type of initiative, and that thousands of people enjoy this World Heritage Site” commented Alejandra Villalobos, Executive Director of Faico.

For Esteban Herrera, Acting Director of the ACMC, “this type of initiative allows us to transmit the message of the importance of protecting and conserving our marine resources, as well as disclosing the natural, historical, and cultural value of Cocos Island.”

Starting on Wednesday, February 13, those who want to know the wonders of Cocos Island will be able to visit the virtual reality stations of #miisladelcoco in Multiplaza Escazú, at the roundabout in front of Tukis. The activity will continue until March 31, and subsequently, it will go to different areas of the country.”

Immersive learning is like a “superpower”. To be able to send a person to live on the ocean floor, on an air tour over the volcanic mountain range, or to visit Cocos Island, is an unforgettable experience. By exploring new developments with apps for education and conservation, we create a truly powerful experience,” said Marlon Romero Castro, Extended Reality (XR) Specialist and Director of Smart Rabbit.”

We faithfully believe in great partnerships, #miisladelcoco is a real and concrete example. Partnerships create movements and movements create fires that no one can put out.  As a united country, we are going to create that symbiosis where the 3 pillars of sustainability can coexist,” declared Mr. Gálvez.

Knowing “the most beautiful island in the world”, as Jacques-Yves Cousteau described it, will be possible by using the stations, which will cost a thousand colones per person, and the proceeds will be donated to Faico for waste management in the national park, as well as for education and awareness-raising activities.