Sr. Carlos Manuel Uribe Sáenz

Mr. Carlos Manuel Uribe Sáenz

As part of the CRUSA Foundation’s Annual Gala Dinner, on November 4, our President, Mr. Carlos Manuel Uribe Sáenz, received the “CRUSAder of the Year” award, in recognition of his tireless commitment to the environment and conservation, as well as for his collaboration, leadership, and partnership management for more than 23 years in favor of the conservation of Cocos Island National Park.

“Just as I was inspired by Cocos Island, I invite you to find your own island. We must take care of what we are going to pass on to future generations,” said Mr. Carlos Uribe, a Costa Rican businessman and philanthropist, also recognized for his efforts to promote sustainable development and economic growth.

CRUSAders are selected annually by an independent jury and can be Costa Rican or American, noted for their cooperative and collaborative efforts between the peoples of Costa Rica and the United States of America in areas of sustainable development, citizen well-being, and economic, scientific, and cultural growth.