History of Cocos Island

  • 1531-1542

    I. Discovery Period

    It is said that the island was discovered after 1531 and before…

  • 1685-1821

    II. Pirates, buccaneers, and treasures

    During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it was…

  • 1821 - 1791

    III. Whale hunters period

    The island served as a supply station for fresh water, wood…

  • 1791 -1879

    IV. Period of explorers and scientists

    1791: Alejandro Malespina, with his vessels Descubierta and…

  • 1879-1912

    V. Period of criminal and agricultural colony

    The first installed colony had an ephemeral life but established…

  • 1912-1992

    VI. Period of treasure hunters

    It started in the first quarter of the 19th century and ended in 1992…

  • 1978 - today

    VII. Protected area open to tourism

    In 1978, the Government of Costa Rica created Cocos Island…

Historical Reviews

1. History and Legend
Historian Raúl Arias Sánchez

Puerto del Callao. Early on October 22, 1820, an old English merchant ship silently sailed, carrying 24 heavy wooden boxes containing gold coins and rich ornaments of the lavish colonial Cathedral of Lima…

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2. Shipwrecks and Epigraphies
Historian Raúl Arias Sánchez

La Isla del Coco, posesión insular costarricense desde el año 1869, fue durante los siglos XVII al XIX, base de operaciones y parada de abastecimiento obligada para expediciones piráticas inglesas, balleneras y buscadores del legendario tesoro que se supone enterrado en la isla…

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3. Lima Treassure
Historian Raúl Arias Sánchez

Colnett, madrugada del 22 de octubre de 1820, un viejo navío mercante inglés zarpa silencioso llevando en sus entrañas 24 pesadas cajas de madera conteniendo monedas de oro y ricos ornamentos de la fastuosa Catedral colonial de Lima…

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4. Cocos Island: Site of multiple historical facts
Dr. Michel Montoya

I. Discovery Period

It is said that the island was discovered after 1531 and before 1542 by navigator Johan Cabezas.

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