Improvements in Park Ranger Cabins on Cocos Island: “A Conservation Project

Cocos Island National Park (CINP) is a priceless natural treasure. Its waters are home to a unique diversity of marine life, and its rainforest is home to endemic species. To protect this ecological paradise, it is essential to have adequate facilities for park rangers, volunteers, and researchers who work tirelessly on its preservation and conservation.


In December 2021, through Executive Order No. 43368-MINAE and its amendments, the conservation and protection of the Costa Rican marine territory were expanded and established as part of the management efforts, with an extension of 54,844 km² for CINP and 106,283 km² for the Bicentennial Marine Management Area (BMMA).


FAICO is aware of the existing challenges for this country’s achievement, among them, the importance of having suitable infrastructure for its keepers; therefore, thanks to the project “Promotion of the effective implementation of marine protected areas around Cocos Island for the benefit of the Costa Rican Pacific Ocean and the Eastern Tropical Pacific”, funded by Re:wild and Bezos Earth Fund and executed by FAICO, during the first half of 2023, important structural improvements were made to the Rodrigo Carazo Odio Complex in CINP, an initiative also promoted by FAICO in 2010.


This type of cooperation promotes healthy and optimal spaces for users, as humidity and constant sea breeze, combined with geographic isolation, accelerate the wear and deterioration of the housing infrastructure.  This can compromise the quality of life of those who work and live on the island in periods between 10 and 30 days, 8 to 10 times a year, according to their specific functions or as required by specific projects or tools for application in this marine protected area.


“An optimal work environment is essential to implement the management tools necessary to conserve Cocos Island and its marine environment. These actions were carried out to provide a better stay for park rangers who use these cabins, which is generally for 30 days, and then they switch with other park rangers. In addition, these renovations help promote healthy and optimal working spaces, which are necessary for the implementation of the general and specific management tools of the ACMC.” Olyer Soto – Park Ranger

FAICO thanks the 6 people who worked on this project and the park rangers who contributed and facilitated the renovation process. These actions could not be carried out without the collaboration of people who donate their time and work to collaborate in the conservation of Cocos Island.