On May 3, ACMC officials and FAICO participated in a Spokesperson Workshop on capacity building to better communicate and project the messages of the Cocos Marine Conservation Area.  During the event, the capacity to represent their organizations before public opinion was significantly enhanced, identifying strengths and areas for improvement in communication processes to build and project key messages.

The importance of training to speak with the media is vital to transmit messages and content effectively and strategically. During the workshop dynamics, the participants explored non-verbal language and posture, discovering its importance in conveying key messages during interviews and public presentations. They learned to use precise gestures, adopt a confident posture, and maintain a consistent facial expression to bolster up their speeches. They also worked on improving their diction, after understanding that clear pronunciation is essential for a better conveyance of the message.

Another outstanding exercise was the diagnosis of individual strengths and weaknesses. The importance of developing strategies based on contextual explanation and accurate identification of key messages was emphasized.

As a result, recommendations were established to become effective spokespersons. This Spokesperson Workshop provided valuable tools to enhance the development of communications and proper behavior in front of cameras or a microphone.

In a world where communication plays a fundamental role, it is essential to take advantage of the opportunity to continue perfecting spokesperson skills. The efforts will continue from FAICO, supporting the work carried out in the Cocos Marine Conservation Area.

This activity was made possible by the Blue Action Fund and Wyss Foundation projects.

Blue Ocean Fund & Wyss Foundation