Strengthening partnerships for the benefit of the Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine Corridor

Last Monday, June 21, Friends of Cocos Island Foundation (FAICO) and the Charles Darwin Foundation renewed their cooperation framework agreement, with the purpose of strengthening the management, protection, and conservation of natural resources and ecosystems of the Cocos Marine Conservation Area, the Galapagos Islands, and the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

These areas are in a highly dynamic region due to the convergence of climatic and oceanographic factors, as well as due to having essential habitats such as oceanic islands and seamounts. The combination of all this promotes the presence of high biodiversity and abundance of marine life, distributed in a mosaic of strategic ecosystems of the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

Firma acuerdo entre Faico y Funcación Charles Darwin

These types of agreements allow us to support and complement the efforts and leadership carried out by government authorities of each country in favor of the conservation of our ocean and associated ecosystems. Likewise, they promote the development and implementation of actions that support research and the generation of knowledge to support management decisions and conservation of terrestrial and marine resources. The foregoing occurs through the coordinated development of projects related to pelagic species, marine and terrestrial biodiversity, seamounts, reefs, and invasive marine species, among others.

Firma acuerdo entre Faico y Funcación Charles Darwin

Recently, both countries successfully expanded and extended their marine protected areas, as part of global efforts to conserve and protect 30% of the marine surface by 2030. For this reason, as strategic partners, we must intensify our efforts so that, together with different stakeholders, effective and sustainable management of these areas is promoted and consolidated as a legacy for future generations.