Annual Assembly of Friends of Cocos Island: Renewing Commitments and Sharing 2023 Work Report

FAICO holds an annual assembly, sharing work reports with positive results and significant progress, marking a milestone in its 30 years of continuous commitment to the conservation of Cocos Island.

On January 25, at the annual assembly, friends of Cocos Island shared renewed commitments to marine conservation, underscoring the importance of implementing actions effectively in marine protected areas. Participants in the event emphasized the need to increase projects, resources and actions that reaffirm a social, governmental and private pact with marine conservation.

Asamblea Anual de Amigos de la Isla del Coco: Renovando Compromisos y Compartiendo Informe de Labores 2023

On this occasion, the achievements obtained in 2023 were highlighted, with special emphasis on strengthening management and the objective of channeling and executing human, technical and financial resources; strengthening the active role of the organization, its assembly members and partners with the protection of marine biodiversity.

FAICO reported on key projects carried out in 2023 and presented the execution, management and financial results for the year. With significant results, as well as outstanding achievements in emblematic projects, making FAICO a benchmark in the region.

Asamblea Anual de Amigos de la Isla del Coco 2024

Participants discussed the current challenges in marine conservation, highlighting the importance of maintaining strong public-private partnerships and for the organization to maintain focus, management and accompaniment to the Cocos Marine Conservation Area, Cocos Island National Park and its officials with a vision aimed at meeting shared objectives.

In addition, it was the ideal opportunity to deliver specialized and professional equipment for audiovisual production that will allow the generation of content with high standards in order to communicate the preparation, management of resources, achievements and challenges faced by the ecosystems of Cocos Island and the tireless efforts of the park rangers who work for the Cocos marine conservation area.

Asamblea Anual de Amigos de la Isla del Coco 2024

On FAICO’s 30th anniversary, he extended his thanks to sponsors, officials, allies, and the community at large for their continued support on his journey. Future collaborations were announced and a call to action was made to continue protecting Cocos Island and its ecosystems.

Upcoming Initiatives & Events

FAICO also previewed activities for next year, including awareness events, research projects and fundraisers. The foundation reiterated its commitment to work tirelessly to preserve this natural treasure for future generations.