• Costa Ricans can support the conservation of Cocos Island, through #YoMeUno a la Isla del Coco (I join the Cocos Island) campaign.

San José, August 19th, 2019.

More than 532 km away from Puntarenas, there is the largest national park in Costa Rica, the treasure of Costa Ricans: Cocos Island. In its 24 thousand square kilometers, it shelters a large number of species of flora and fauna, many unique in the world. For this and many other reasons, this natural, historical, and cultural paradise is considered by UNESCO as a Natural World Heritage Site.

To protect and preserve our island, Friends of Cocos Island (Faico), in the framework of its 25th anniversary celebration, and BAC Credomatic with its corporate responsibility program “Yo me Uno“, teamed up to raise funds with the #YoMeUno Campaign to Cocos Island, during the month of August and until September 13, 2019.

“Cocos Island is an exceptional place, and definitely every action we take to protect it counts. That is why from Faico, we urge the population to join this campaign and continue to consolidate the efforts and actions that our organization has developed for so many years in benefit of this oceanic gem and of those who work in it,” said Alejandra Villalobos, Executive Director of Faico.

Donations can be made through the different BAC Credomatic platforms, including ATMs, Online Banking, and through www.yomeuno.com.

“Yo Me Uno is an initiative to support NGOs related to the development of Costa Rica. This platform allows us not only to strengthen the network of contacts and improve the management capacity of these organizations, but also to generate fundraising campaigns in an easy and safe way, as we are doing with Friends of Cocos Island. Without a doubt, monitoring and preserving this natural laboratory is the responsibility of all Costa Ricans,” said Laura Moreno, Vice-president of Corporate Relations at BAC Credomatic.

Funds obtained through this campaign will be used to support the following programs: Control and Surveillance, Sustainable Tourism, Natural and Cultural Resources, Administration and Operations, and Quality of Life for Park Rangers.