In the framework of the celebration of the 25 years of our organization, we held the General Assembly of Sponsors on January 30. We had the honor of having the presence of the Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, officials of the ACMC and the CINP, Members of the Assembly, the Administrative Board, and special guests.

We reported on our main achievements in 2019. Furthermore, we presented a summary of our history during 25 years of work. We presented the Infrastructure Plan to the ACMC and the “Blue Park” award granted by the Marine Conservation Institute.

Finally, we received with great pride a present from the officials of Cocos Island National Park.  It is 100% made out of material coming from the Island; the logo was handmade, and the 25 sharks that surround it were made from fishing hooks that were confiscated from a vessel that was found finning sharks.  These represent every year of service. “We hope to continue our journey with the support and endorsement of such a prestigious and supportive Foundation.  We hope that these are the first 25 years of many more to come,” said the park rangers.